Miley Cyrus and Marijuana


On December 10, 2010 Miley Cyrus was videotaped smoking a bong filled with Salvia, a substance legal in California. She was slammed at first because some believed she was smoking marijuana and continues to be criticized for being a bad example to children.
Miley’s dilemma is something that millions of people face every day–do they show the world who they really are and what they are about, or do they pretend to be something that they are not?

Marijuana, while not legal, is commonly smoked by people of all ages. I know church goers, professional workers, blue-collar laborers, grandmothers, college students and local leaders who have quietly toked for years.


If you look at these people you won’t see the media’s version of a pothead: all of these people are clean cut, they pay their own bills and mind their own business–but out of fear they keep silent. Not only is marijuana illegal, but those who are known to use it are looked down upon as something “less” in our society.

Alcohol is legal, yet contributes to an immense amount of death and disharmony. I grew up with alcoholic parents and have been exposed to the secret society of weed smokers and I can state with confidence that alcohol is by far the more dangerous of the two, yet it is accepted and marijuana is not.

When someone is high on marijuana, they tend to smile, chat amiably and eat. Park someone with a buzz in front of a television and they will watch whatever is on in complete fascination. As long as there is food in the house they will have NO desire to go anywhere, and will just sit and relax.

When someone is drunk, they will either be a happy drunk or a mad drunk. Happy drunks want to grab onto you and kiss you and try to be everyone’s best friend. If they think you need something from the store they are the first to grab the car keys.

Mad drunks are downright dangerous. Whether you agree with them or not, you will tick them off. Their only goal at that time is to argue and fight. If they get angry enough they will storm away, hop in the car and burn rubber out of the driveway.

Despite this, alcohol is legal. Not only is it legal it is perfectly accepted. Arrive at work with a hangover and you get teased and pitied–arrive after coming down from good buzz, and no one is the wiser if you got some sleep.

If someone thinks you’ve smoked weed in your life–oh my! You are a pothead, a useless wart on society’s behind who wants nothing more than to reach that next buzz even if you have to rob someone to get it–and this image couldn’t be farther from the reality.

While there are some who abuse marijuana, like other drugs, the majority who actually use this herb are quietly among you right now–perhaps they are in the cubicle next to you, or down the way on your assembly line. They are the clean ones, who always show up on time at work and handle their jobs the best they can.

On occasion they may light up a joint or take a puff on a bong or one-hitter–and then they go back to their productive lives.

Miley Cyrus wasn’t presenting a bad example with that bong but instead demonstrating the fact that we need to loosen laws and perceptions concerning those who desire to use marijuana and legal substances like Salvia on occasion. She is a clean-cut young lady, a professional woman who works hard in her chosen industry–why should she not have the right to relax and partake a little if she so desires? Why should other professionals not have the same right?

What About the Kids?

The youth always pursue that which is forbidden and scandalous. Eliminate the scandal associated with marijuana and their interest will move to something else. They won’t turn into lazy bums living for the next toke, or try to kill someone to get another hit.

Think About the Money

Should natural substances like marijuana and salvia become completely legalized and taxed accordingly our crime rate would not only drop (less possession charges) but the government would be able to have an extra income stream to assist our financial recovery. We would have the money to help create jobs with the newly-proposed high-speed railway. We could pare down the enormous national debt. There is so much we could do with the additional taxes and the money saved chasing down illegal dealers and jailing those caught possessing it would be immense!

I would like to urge our government to consider the option of legalizing marijuana so that those who wish to partake on occasion can do so without fear of prosecution. I would also like to remind the government of the immense national debt that we currently owe and the increased expenses of this nation as we work to pull out of financial decline. A fresh source of taxation income would be of incredible benefit, especially coming from a source that has been proven to be safer than alcohol in studies.

I would also like to urge the public to not criticize Miley too harshly. She had the courage to do in public what millions of your neighbors are doing in hiding and she should be praised, not condemned. Never min Miley! If you get drug tested you still can pass your test with Mega Clean.