New Super-Store Catering to Medical Marijuana Users Opens in Phoenix

Responding to the recent trend of many states in this country to decriminalize marijuana for medicinal use, one company, California based wGrow, which sells everything a person could need to grow marijuana, has opened its doors in Phoenix, the latest state to allow people to use marijuana for medical purposes.

Though 16 states, as recently reported by Reuters have now decriminalized marijuana for medical use, doing so is still problematic for sufferers of such conditions as glaucoma or simple chronic pain, as the use, possession, transport and growing of marijuana for any purpose is still outlawed by the federal government. This means that patients that buy, use or posses it in such states can still be prosecuted if they wind up in the sites of federal authorities.

medical weed

The new super-store sells grow-lights, soil, special trays and everything else that might be needed to help its customers who don’t need to offer proof of their legal use of marijuana, because that is the one thing they do not sell. To get their weed, “patients” will have to obtain a card from a licensed physician authorizing them to grow and consume their own. wGrow, has such doctors on site to dole out such cards to anyone who asks. The only other thing the patient needs is seeds to grow their own, or a legalized dealer to sell them what they need.

The 21,000-square-foot store offers some 2,000 products and by all accounts its success is likely, as wGrow already has such stores in Oakland and Sacramento with plans to open new ones in Washington D.C. Denver, Detroit, and maybe Los Angeles.

Medical use of marijuana in this country is still a topic of debate as many see it as merely a forerunner to legalizing its use regardless of purpose, and point to the ease with which citizens of California are able to get a prescription for its use; a state where abuse of the system is said to be rampant.

It’s not clear yet what take the federal government will have on the new super-store as some of what is sold might be construed as paraphernalia, the sale of which is still outlawed by Uncle Sam.

wGrow, and likely many users of medicinal marijuana are still holding out for a reprieve from the feds, though, as candidate Obama hinted that he might be willing to look into relaxing the rules regarding use of the plant and it’s pain soothing abilities; though he’s not done anything since taking office, some hold out hope that if he wins a second term, he’ll be more likely to throw caution to the wind and put some changes in the works.