legalizing weed

Enter the Bud Baron, a Marijuana Manifesto, Made with Marijuana

I wrote this for my blog as The Bud Baron but will publish here as well because its a good article.
I wanted to write a short mission statement or editorial about what I hope to achieve and what values I will hold while assuming the mantle of Bud Baron.

First I want to start off by explaining my motivations. I am writing this blog for two reasons; one i want to collect and share tips, tricks and techniques for consuming, and refining Mary Jane, second I would like to “stoke the fires” of the legalization debate. I have been smoking, cooking with, researching, and advocating for weed for over 12 years now and I believe now more than ever it is time to address the legalization issue once again.

legalize pot

This blog is will look briefly at the history and laws of marijuana as a sideline but will mostly focus on what you can make from bud, shake, leaves, stems, seeds, and crystal. I want to mention that the legalization issue has fallen by the wayside with terrorism, global warming, and other issues. More people in North America then ever are partaking but less are speaking up, although police often look the other way i must say it’s an injustice that it is still illegal.

I say we all need to speak up and chant LEGALIZE. Pot is medicine the safest medicine, when vaporized is not harmful in any way, its a victimless crime. Secondly Please donate, all donations go to organizing, advocating, and protest organization with half going to NORML, and never used for personal profit.

If your interested, want to get involved or want ot read more see here.