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Best detox drink for drug test | Mega Clean Review

In my previous article I talked about detox drinks for drug test, but I didnt share my secret that what are the best detox drinks available, why they are the best, why they stand out from hundreds of detox products and where to buy them for the best price. Yes its important because there are tons of resellers and they hike up the price sometimes 50%. So here is my list of the best detox drinks for drug test.

Number 1 detox drink for drug test : Mega clean detox drink& Toxin Rid Pre Rid capsule combo

best detox drink for drug testI think you have heared already that Mega clean is a great detox drink, yes it has a good rep already for a reason. Mega clean’s little brother is XXtra clean, its exactly the same, but a smaller bottle, personally I would never go with the smaller one even if I am a girl who smokes twice a year, its better to get the stronger just in case.

Detoxify Mega clean is sold on many websites some sells it for ridiclously low price, however I would avoid those shops. These are usually not official resellers, they are simple ebay or amazon sellers and we all know that many of these amazon stuffs are fake, many detox reviews are fake and paid and some product might be expired. Because do not think it for a second that they won’t sell you expired stuff.

The other problem with these products is they do not bundled it with detox pills for drug test. Its much more effective, when it comes with pre rid pills combo. If you buy it from testclear they will give you 6 toxin rid pills. You have to start the treatment 24 hours before the test. It comes with detailed, very easy to follow instructions. The point is, if you have time, you should choose this way, because with the pills its almost 100% that you will pass.

Toxin Rid has a very good reputation and to be honest its darn expensive. You get what you pay for. Mega clean with the toxin rid combo costs 69$ which is a great price if you see the value you get. If you would buy them separately it would be way over 100$. I highly suggest you to check out some more Mega Clean reviews before purchasing anything.

Number 2: Clean Choice’s : Rescue cleanse detox drink

Rescue cleanse has also a great rep, but its not as well known as Mega Clean. The manufacturer, Clear Choice do not sell their products in shops, its available online only. They why not too many people know about their products. Did you know that they are the manufacturer’s of Sub Solution, which is the best synthetic urine on the market?

Rescue Cleanse has a bigger 32 OZ and a smaller 16OZ package, again, always go with the bigger one. Do not risk because of 10-15$ extra. Rescue Cleanse not just a very good and effective detox drink for drug test, but it also tasts good. I know its not the most important point when you are choosing a detox drink, but some tasts so terrible that make you vomit instantly.

Worst marijuana detox drinks

best detox for drug testThese two are the best detox drinks for drug test. If non of them are available for some reasons then choose Absolute detox. Not the best detox drink on the market, but still better than: Jazz detox,test pure platinum, Rely Detox, Magnum detox drink,Qcarbo, The Stuff detox or Rescue Detox Ice. Avoid these THC detox drinks at all cost.

And its important to mention again, that these are not real detox solutions, these are just masking, give you 5 hours when your pee will be clean of toxins, but they do not detox your system. Doesnt matter what their bottle or advertisement say, its just a temporary solution!

Best detox for drug test

The best detox for drug test is ToXin Rid combined with natural detox (water, healthy food, sweating). A complete detox program should take anywhere from 5 days till 14 days. If you are not a hardcore smoker then a 7 days natural detox combined with Toxin Rid 7 days detox program should flush everything out. If you do not want to be clean, just pass the test, then always go with drug detox drinks or if the test is unsupervised synthetic urine.