Synthetic Marijuana: Why is This Legal?

This article may not be typical of the kind you read on Yahoo! Contributor, but it needs to be written. This is being written to warn other about the dangers of using synthetic marijuana, also known as, “K2”, “Incense”, or, “Botanical Potpourri”. Sure, some may argue that the substance is harmless and can be used as marijuana can, but there is a good chance they would think the same if they had the kind of experience you can get from this drug. This article is all from firsthand experience, all 100 percent true, and not exaggerated in any way.
The substance in use is not actually K2, which is the compound JWH-018, but an offshoot of that said to be very close – But nonetheless still synthetic. The product is called “Green Cobra” Botanical Potpourri, and it considered one of the stronger ones around. It typically comes in 1.5 or 3 gram baggies, and costs around 25 dollars for one.

To start, I smoke about 1 bowls worth of it. No ill effects yet – just a normal, controllable high – nothing I’ve never experienced before. It’s almost always intense, so I’m used to it. They always feel the same, that is, everything seems fantastical, and your mouth gets very dry. Sometimes things like tunnel vision occurs, but nothing bad has ever come of using it, as in no long-lasting side effects.

About 20 minutes later, my friend announces he brought a percolator, which is a kind of bong. Basically, it’s a bong that has several layers of water for the smoke to go through, which makes it hit harder when it finally gets to you. I took about 3 good sized hits from the percolator, and was done. What followed was the worst experience of my life.

Almost immediately, about 5 minutes, after getting done with the bong, I can already tell it’s going to be rough. I start feeling it in my head first – I felt groggy, unfocused, just… bad. I had the worst headache I’ve ever to date. I’m lost in the confusion of my own head, and thenI start realizing my heart is beating about 200 beats per minute roughly. Suddenly I am made very aware of the blood in my veins – It didn’t feel like blood though. It felt like Corn Syrup – thick and bubbly – And the worst part was I could feel it. I felt it when it stops for a brief moment in your Jugular vein in your neck, and then keep moving. It literally felt like dying.


All I remember is two things, not including all the mind-numbing sensations going through my body, those I’ll never forget. One was the fact that most trips on this kind of thing only last about 30-45 minutes. Both of my friends with me at the time were completely fine after that long – It took me nearly 2 hours before I was okay enough to make words. The second was the one sentence I could make out that I must have repeated almost 100 times during the hours of rocking back and forth on the couch. “That stuff isn’t natural”. It was engrained into my head. It was all I could think about – “What did I just put in my body? Am I ever going to be the same again?”

I probably peaked about 9 times, each one worse than the one before.

After that experience I made an oath to never smoke synthetic chemicals again, one that I have yet to break, and I don’t plan to.

About a week after the experience, I got heavily into researching the product. I found no information on it whatsoever, no data on what is in it, and the only link to where it comes from is a personal email address.

These substances are dangerous. the results of using them are unpredictable at best, and I happen to think I am a good example of the horrors these drugs can do to a person. While doing research, I found several stories telling of similar woes, about how they have developed twitches, speech impediments, and other varying effects similar to those of someone with severe head trauma. I even ran into a story of one user who went almost completely blind in one eye – That was almost a year ago now.

These drugs are untested and deadly. I happen to think I survived because I have strong heart, but I can only imagine what it would have done to someone weaker than myself….

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Enter the Bud Baron, a Marijuana Manifesto, Made with Marijuana

I wrote this for my blog as The Bud Baron but will publish here as well because its a good article.
I wanted to write a short mission statement or editorial about what I hope to achieve and what values I will hold while assuming the mantle of Bud Baron.

First I want to start off by explaining my motivations. I am writing this blog for two reasons; one i want to collect and share tips, tricks and techniques for consuming, and refining Mary Jane, second I would like to “stoke the fires” of the legalization debate. I have been smoking, cooking with, researching, and advocating for weed for over 12 years now and I believe now more than ever it is time to address the legalization issue once again.

legalize pot

This blog is will look briefly at the history and laws of marijuana as a sideline but will mostly focus on what you can make from bud, shake, leaves, stems, seeds, and crystal. I want to mention that the legalization issue has fallen by the wayside with terrorism, global warming, and other issues. More people in North America then ever are partaking but less are speaking up, although police often look the other way i must say it’s an injustice that it is still illegal.

I say we all need to speak up and chant LEGALIZE. Pot is medicine the safest medicine, when vaporized is not harmful in any way, its a victimless crime. Secondly Please donate, all donations go to organizing, advocating, and protest organization with half going to NORML, and never used for personal profit.

If your interested, want to get involved or want ot read more see here.

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Cannabis Controversy Continues with Caregivers Cup

The first Michigan Caregivers Cup kicks off today and will run through Sunday, Jan. 31, at the Ann Arbor Marriott at Eagle Crest in Ypsilanti. Though Michigan voters approved the legalization of medical marijuana by 63 percent in November 2008, residents continue to clash over the increasing prevalence of medical marijuana within the state’s communities, including this weekend’s cannabis-related event.

The centerpiece of the Caregivers Cup – a competition of sorts that would have a panel of patients sample and vote on which grower created the best medical marijuana – caused a heated battle between the organizers and local law enforcement over its legality.

Earlier this week, Anthony Freed of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Chamber of Commerce (MMCC), which is hosting the event, announced that the cannabis judging contest had been canceled. The rest of the event will carry on as planned with an itinerary that includes classes, speeches and concerts in addition to an exposition.
“The Caregivers Cup is a good thing,” says Randolph Milner, a patient who relies on medical marijuana for pain relief. “It will help bring awareness to most people [who] do not understand that medical marijuana is a very important way to help someone like myself [who] lives with everyday pain.”

Milner says he received his medical marijuana card to treat pain he experiences on a daily basis due to a medical procedure that was performed in 1988. “I have since had terrible head pain every minute of my life. Marijuana has been the only medication that helps.”

On the other side of the spectrum are Michigan residents like Charles Wright, a Detroiter who is firmly against the Caregivers Cup. “It would be different if all this was being done solely for the benefit of sick people, but that just isn’t the case.” He added, “It is my understanding that the dispensary in Ypsi is selling product at top dollar prices, which just goes to show that this little operation is all about money. Now Michigan will be known for its corrupt politicians, strip clubs and pot shops. Pathetic.”

With the medical marijuana legalization law in full effect, patients with certain medical conditions can now either grow their own marijuana in-house, or get their supply through a designated caregiver. Patients are required to apply for ID cards from the state’s health department, which essentially allows them to cultivate and smoke marijuana for medical purposes under Michigan law.

For those who do decide to attend the Caregivers Cup, the Marriott at Eagle Crest is located at 1275 S Huron St. and its phone number is (734) 487-2000. (Concerts will be held at various other venues.) The expo will be open on Saturday and Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; the cost is $25 for a two-day pass and $15 for a one-day pass. A full schedule of events can be found at www.micaregiverscup.org.


New Super-Store Catering to Medical Marijuana Users Opens in Phoenix

Responding to the recent trend of many states in this country to decriminalize marijuana for medicinal use, one company, California based wGrow, which sells everything a person could need to grow marijuana, has opened its doors in Phoenix, the latest state to allow people to use marijuana for medical purposes.

Though 16 states, as recently reported by Reuters have now decriminalized marijuana for medical use, doing so is still problematic for sufferers of such conditions as glaucoma or simple chronic pain, as the use, possession, transport and growing of marijuana for any purpose is still outlawed by the federal government. This means that patients that buy, use or posses it in such states can still be prosecuted if they wind up in the sites of federal authorities.

medical weed

The new super-store sells grow-lights, soil, special trays and everything else that might be needed to help its customers who don’t need to offer proof of their legal use of marijuana, because that is the one thing they do not sell. To get their weed, “patients” will have to obtain a card from a licensed physician authorizing them to grow and consume their own. wGrow, has such doctors on site to dole out such cards to anyone who asks. The only other thing the patient needs is seeds to grow their own, or a legalized dealer to sell them what they need.

The 21,000-square-foot store offers some 2,000 products and by all accounts its success is likely, as wGrow already has such stores in Oakland and Sacramento with plans to open new ones in Washington D.C. Denver, Detroit, and maybe Los Angeles.

Medical use of marijuana in this country is still a topic of debate as many see it as merely a forerunner to legalizing its use regardless of purpose, and point to the ease with which citizens of California are able to get a prescription for its use; a state where abuse of the system is said to be rampant.

It’s not clear yet what take the federal government will have on the new super-store as some of what is sold might be construed as paraphernalia, the sale of which is still outlawed by Uncle Sam.

wGrow, and likely many users of medicinal marijuana are still holding out for a reprieve from the feds, though, as candidate Obama hinted that he might be willing to look into relaxing the rules regarding use of the plant and it’s pain soothing abilities; though he’s not done anything since taking office, some hold out hope that if he wins a second term, he’ll be more likely to throw caution to the wind and put some changes in the works.


Miley Cyrus and Marijuana


On December 10, 2010 Miley Cyrus was videotaped smoking a bong filled with Salvia, a substance legal in California. She was slammed at first because some believed she was smoking marijuana and continues to be criticized for being a bad example to children.
Miley’s dilemma is something that millions of people face every day–do they show the world who they really are and what they are about, or do they pretend to be something that they are not?

Marijuana, while not legal, is commonly smoked by people of all ages. I know church goers, professional workers, blue-collar laborers, grandmothers, college students and local leaders who have quietly toked for years.


If you look at these people you won’t see the media’s version of a pothead: all of these people are clean cut, they pay their own bills and mind their own business–but out of fear they keep silent. Not only is marijuana illegal, but those who are known to use it are looked down upon as something “less” in our society.

Alcohol is legal, yet contributes to an immense amount of death and disharmony. I grew up with alcoholic parents and have been exposed to the secret society of weed smokers and I can state with confidence that alcohol is by far the more dangerous of the two, yet it is accepted and marijuana is not.

When someone is high on marijuana, they tend to smile, chat amiably and eat. Park someone with a buzz in front of a television and they will watch whatever is on in complete fascination. As long as there is food in the house they will have NO desire to go anywhere, and will just sit and relax.

When someone is drunk, they will either be a happy drunk or a mad drunk. Happy drunks want to grab onto you and kiss you and try to be everyone’s best friend. If they think you need something from the store they are the first to grab the car keys.

Mad drunks are downright dangerous. Whether you agree with them or not, you will tick them off. Their only goal at that time is to argue and fight. If they get angry enough they will storm away, hop in the car and burn rubber out of the driveway.

Despite this, alcohol is legal. Not only is it legal it is perfectly accepted. Arrive at work with a hangover and you get teased and pitied–arrive after coming down from good buzz, and no one is the wiser if you got some sleep.

If someone thinks you’ve smoked weed in your life–oh my! You are a pothead, a useless wart on society’s behind who wants nothing more than to reach that next buzz even if you have to rob someone to get it–and this image couldn’t be farther from the reality.

While there are some who abuse marijuana, like other drugs, the majority who actually use this herb are quietly among you right now–perhaps they are in the cubicle next to you, or down the way on your assembly line. They are the clean ones, who always show up on time at work and handle their jobs the best they can.

On occasion they may light up a joint or take a puff on a bong or one-hitter–and then they go back to their productive lives.

Miley Cyrus wasn’t presenting a bad example with that bong but instead demonstrating the fact that we need to loosen laws and perceptions concerning those who desire to use marijuana and legal substances like Salvia on occasion. She is a clean-cut young lady, a professional woman who works hard in her chosen industry–why should she not have the right to relax and partake a little if she so desires? Why should other professionals not have the same right?

What About the Kids?

The youth always pursue that which is forbidden and scandalous. Eliminate the scandal associated with marijuana and their interest will move to something else. They won’t turn into lazy bums living for the next toke, or try to kill someone to get another hit.

Think About the Money

Should natural substances like marijuana and salvia become completely legalized and taxed accordingly our crime rate would not only drop (less possession charges) but the government would be able to have an extra income stream to assist our financial recovery. We would have the money to help create jobs with the newly-proposed high-speed railway. We could pare down the enormous national debt. There is so much we could do with the additional taxes and the money saved chasing down illegal dealers and jailing those caught possessing it would be immense!

I would like to urge our government to consider the option of legalizing marijuana so that those who wish to partake on occasion can do so without fear of prosecution. I would also like to remind the government of the immense national debt that we currently owe and the increased expenses of this nation as we work to pull out of financial decline. A fresh source of taxation income would be of incredible benefit, especially coming from a source that has been proven to be safer than alcohol in studies.

I would also like to urge the public to not criticize Miley too harshly. She had the courage to do in public what millions of your neighbors are doing in hiding and she should be praised, not condemned. Never min Miley! If you get drug tested you still can pass your test with Mega Clean.

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Best detox drink for drug test | Mega Clean Review

In my previous article I talked about detox drinks for drug test, but I didnt share my secret that what are the best detox drinks available, why they are the best, why they stand out from hundreds of detox products and where to buy them for the best price. Yes its important because there are tons of resellers and they hike up the price sometimes 50%. So here is my list of the best detox drinks for drug test.

Number 1 detox drink for drug test : Mega clean detox drink& Toxin Rid Pre Rid capsule combo

best detox drink for drug testI think you have heared already that Mega clean is a great detox drink, yes it has a good rep already for a reason. Mega clean’s little brother is XXtra clean, its exactly the same, but a smaller bottle, personally I would never go with the smaller one even if I am a girl who smokes twice a year, its better to get the stronger just in case.

Detoxify Mega clean is sold on many websites some sells it for ridiclously low price, however I would avoid those shops. These are usually not official resellers, they are simple ebay or amazon sellers and we all know that many of these amazon stuffs are fake, many detox reviews are fake and paid and some product might be expired. Because do not think it for a second that they won’t sell you expired stuff.

The other problem with these products is they do not bundled it with detox pills for drug test. Its much more effective, when it comes with pre rid pills combo. If you buy it from testclear they will give you 6 toxin rid pills. You have to start the treatment 24 hours before the test. It comes with detailed, very easy to follow instructions. The point is, if you have time, you should choose this way, because with the pills its almost 100% that you will pass.

Toxin Rid has a very good reputation and to be honest its darn expensive. You get what you pay for. Mega clean with the toxin rid combo costs 69$ which is a great price if you see the value you get. If you would buy them separately it would be way over 100$. I highly suggest you to check out some more Mega Clean reviews before purchasing anything.

Number 2: Clean Choice’s : Rescue cleanse detox drink

Rescue cleanse has also a great rep, but its not as well known as Mega Clean. The manufacturer, Clear Choice do not sell their products in shops, its available online only. They why not too many people know about their products. Did you know that they are the manufacturer’s of Sub Solution, which is the best synthetic urine on the market?

Rescue Cleanse has a bigger 32 OZ and a smaller 16OZ package, again, always go with the bigger one. Do not risk because of 10-15$ extra. Rescue Cleanse not just a very good and effective detox drink for drug test, but it also tasts good. I know its not the most important point when you are choosing a detox drink, but some tasts so terrible that make you vomit instantly.

Worst marijuana detox drinks

best detox for drug testThese two are the best detox drinks for drug test. If non of them are available for some reasons then choose Absolute detox. Not the best detox drink on the market, but still better than: Jazz detox,test pure platinum, Rely Detox, Magnum detox drink,Qcarbo, The Stuff detox or Rescue Detox Ice. Avoid these THC detox drinks at all cost.

And its important to mention again, that these are not real detox solutions, these are just masking, give you 5 hours when your pee will be clean of toxins, but they do not detox your system. Doesnt matter what their bottle or advertisement say, its just a temporary solution!

Best detox for drug test

The best detox for drug test is ToXin Rid combined with natural detox (water, healthy food, sweating). A complete detox program should take anywhere from 5 days till 14 days. If you are not a hardcore smoker then a 7 days natural detox combined with Toxin Rid 7 days detox program should flush everything out. If you do not want to be clean, just pass the test, then always go with drug detox drinks or if the test is unsupervised synthetic urine.



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What are the best Detox drinks for drug test?

A drug test is generally known as urine drug test and it is painless test. In this test the urine was analyzed to test is there any drugs used by the person or not. The urine drug test usually screens the following,






•Methadone and etc.

There are many type of drug testing’s available such as,

•Urine drug screen

•Breath test

•Hair test

•Saliva drug screen

•Sweat drug screen

•Random drug testing etc.

In these test the human body is fully checked is they used any drugs like alcohol, cocaine and etc. These drug tests are normally performed in the following places and situations in our day to day life such as blood banks, hospitals and Traffic police check breath test on drivers. There are many options available to pass a drug test but detox drinks for drug test are the best option because it is the easy way to pass you drug test. The Detox drinks are the great thing which is specially designed to clean your system.

Top 4 Detox Drinks:

Following are the top four detox drinks in 2017,

•Rescue Cleanse 32oz Detox Drink for Drug Test

•Mega Clean Clean Detox Drink

•QCarbo 16oz and 32oz

•Stringer The Buzz Drinks.

These are the best detox drinks and you can easily take these drinks. If you take a drug test at least one hour before take this drink then wait one hour then take a drug test now the ‘clean window’ begins and after five hours the ‘clean window’ will be closed. You can easily buy these drinks through online by making a single order, after that the product will be delivered to you. Do the following thing with these drinks to get maximum effectiveness.

•Don’t eat heavy meals.

•Exercise regularly.

•Drink lot of water.

•Don’t smoke for last few days before the test.